A barn find at Oakey, a farmer used to used to carry pigs in the back seat of this 39 Chevrolet Sedan! Luckily it was rescued by Dan who had big plans to give the '39 a new life, so he bought it in to us. Stripping it down and blasting the body and chassis soon revealed that amongst other areas, the whole rear of the vehicle was rusted out, so major rebuilding work was undertaken. All the body and paint work was done here at Oz Rods. An unsuspecting HQ One Tonner made a great donor car, and we transplanted the engine and running gear into the '39. The beautiful leather interior is courtesy of Chris Bakker Trimming and complements the rich red Bently color Dan chose. Some might recognise this car as the Winner of Best Sedan at the 2008 Brisbane Hot Rod Show, but are more likely to see it cruising on the streets as Dan makes sure he drives it regularly!
Dan's 1939 Chev