There's two things for certain about this fine country we call home... we rolled out some pretty tough two door cars during the seventies (like this lovely Charger, for example!) and boy... did they RUST! But, you take the good with the bad and a little cutting and welding is a small price to pay to restore one of these babies to their former glory!

Chad and Telina have owned and loved this Charger for a long time, and brought it down to us to get the full panel and paint treatment that would see her live many more long happy years to come in the family. As the pictures show, rust was a bit of a problem! The body was dismantled and stripped back to bare metal with the panels being blasted before all rust and a few existing "repairs" in the rear were cut out and removed and hand-formed replacement sections welded in place. Once the body was straight and rust free in primer and poly and proudly wearing a new bonnet scoop it was time to lay the Inferno Red color Chad and Telina had chosen. The 318 engine was removed and the engine bay painted black and a new headlining fitted before re-assembling the entire vehicle. A quick buff, shine and polish and we're done! The Charger is now home safe and sound with Chad, Telina and the family, right where she belongs!

Chad & Telina's VH Charger!!!